Parkersburg High School - Class of 60

45th Class Reunion


Below are your comments that we received with the Information Updates. We thought you'd enjoy reading them.

Sonja (Marquis) Hoffman "Hi to everyone, Can't be at the reunion, Tom and I will be in Evansville, Ind., for an Aladdin lamp show. We are also busy building a new home, in Ravenswood, Wv. Hope you all have a great time."

Mike Morrison "Have a great time at the reunion. Would like to be there but family vacation has priority. Class of 60 was worth a thousand good memories."

Dolores Ford Blood "We've visited all 50 states and most of Western Europe. Looking forward to doing as many small ship cruises & rail trips in North America".

Margaret Hofmann Lunter Harris "I am looking forward to the reunion. I really appreciate all the work all of you do to get ready for this festive occasion. How could it have been 45 years? I remember the good times like they were yesterday!"

Sharon Crosten Lineburg "Absolutely fantastic!! Would you have ever thought all this would have been possible in 1960? Hope you have digital pictures with classmate names to post from the reunion. Thanks again for what you both do and what everybody else does to keep putting all this all together. I am sure it is a lot of work (and fun) for such a large graduating class. Put me on the list for the video or DVD!! Sounds great! Keep up the good work."

Bonnie Lee Butner Church "My husband and I will be on a Methodist Mission trip to Unalaska from 7-16 through 7-30, 2005. Hopefully I can make it to the 50th reunion. Thank you for keeping me informed of events."

Carroll Edwin Perine "Perhaps a list of those who are unable to make the reunion and who extend best wishes for those that do can be mentioned sometime during the festivities?"

Berneda Joann Deem Neuhauser "I'd love to see everyone. I'm in town the second week of August for the Trinity Methodist reunion on Thursday, August 11. My best wishes for a wonderful reunion. A dear friend sent the class website to me and I LOVED seeing all the pictures of my classmates and old friends. Please keep me in the loop. I would love to come to our next reunion."

James Dale Dye "I was given a second chance at life when I received a heart transplant on September 9, 1999. Wish you all good luck and many more years of reunions."

Tom Mahood "See ya' at the reunion."

Mark Moore "Reunion looks like fun. Please send information. Was in Parkersburg with Patty last June. It has really changed. Had a really good time."

Larry G. Gault "Due to health reasons I will not be able to attend the 45th class reunion. Hope everyone has a great time."

George A. Cooper "Have a great 45th. Sorry we can't join everyone. We will be in Grenada at that time."

Norma Martin Underwood "Enjoying my retirement and thankful for my MANY blessings."

Gerald P. Enoch "We will not be able to attend the reunion this year."

Carolyn V. Pyles King "We are now part owners of the Mingo Bottom Golf Club, Elizabeth, WV."

Joan McCay Langfitt "Would love any information you have sent out. Thanks. Hope to make it to the reunion if at all possible."

Terry Stephens Zeman "Suggestion. Members of my husband's graduating class (Illinois) have developed geographic groups who periodically get together at mini reunions. For example, groups in Florida, Chicago, California, Texas meet a couple of times a year. In addition, mini reunions have been held in Las Vegas, Branson Missouri and an Alaskan cruise. Might be fun."

Jim Morris "Keep me posted. At this point I plan on attending."

Carolyn A. Oakes "Joy to one and all in 2005 and beyond."

David Knox "Looking forward to seeing all of you."

Michael D. Thomas "Looking forward to the upcoming reunion. Has it really been 45 years???"

Mike Morrison "Kids grown and gone. Still working daily. Lots of contacts and visit regularly from San Francisco to Myrtle Beach. Our summer vacation has already been booked for the last week in July and the first week of August. We will be unable to attend but best wishes to ALL!!"

Keith Kuhn "I doubt if I'll be able to make the trip but please keep me posted on everything."

Mary Ellen Wilson Cook "Charles and I were married on September 17, 1960 at Wythville, VA."

Bonnie Lee Butner Church "Thank you for sending me the information on the 45th anniversary celebration. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend. My husband and I are going on an Alaskan Work Camp trip with several Methodist churches. We will be painting the parsonage and doing some building. The community is on the Aleutian Island of Unalaska, 800 miles SW of Anchorage. The trip is from July 16 - 30, 2005. Someday I want to return to Parkersburg, WV. We no longer have any family there, but I yearn to see the area again. Maybe I can make another reunion! Please pray for our team in Alaska during July 16 - 30. I will think of all of you also."

George A. Cooper "Hope everyone enjoys the 45th."

Robert W. Dawson "Will be unable to make the 45th reunion. I will be in Parkersburg for the homecoming in August. Look for me in the parade. 1929 Ford with the Quincey Hill Gang."

Kathy Anne Eanes McCurdy "Can't attend the reunion because of a wedding on July 31st. However, would be interested in a copy of the directory. Thanks and have fun."

Carl E. Wade "We plan to be in Yellowstone Park and Canyon at this time. If this changes will contact you on e-mail. Have a great 45th."

Steve Neely "Great site. When is the next party? The photos bring back many great times at PHS."

David Alan Slater "Thanks for taking on the task of keeping this website."