Parkersburg High School - Class of 60

Comments from Classmates after the 50th Reunion

Updated August 29, 2010

Anonymous "Today I was at an estate sale. While I was waiting for a friend, a lady near me was going through a box of odds and ends. She wondered if a couple of pieces were Corning, and I assured her that I could tell they were. She looked more carefully and remarked, "Made in the USA; that means something to me." And I thought, "Yes, you have named an essence of our history." I did not say that to her, and so I say it to you. You, PHS Class of 60 represent all the best of America. Sixty Minutes could not put a microscope to you and come to any conclusion other than you represent what is good and true and giving in our country. You may not be rich, and you may not be famous, but you have contributed to a footprint in all our history represents."

Linda Sandersen "What a wonderful job you & the committee did!!! My husband, Poul, & I had such a marvelous time. Jamie asked what we could do better for next time. Maintain status quo. Everything was fabulous! It was so good to see so many people there! And so good to see many who I haven't seen in years! What fun! Thank you."

Gene Huffman "The reunion was wonderful. My wife who is not a graduate thought it was the best reunion that she had ever attended. The committee members and others that contributed to the planning did an exceptional job. We were treated so well everywhere we went. We stayed at the Wingate and the staff was great; everyone was so helpful. And of course, the weather that you ordered was perfect also."

Bob Maher "Marilyn & I will celebrate our 47th anniversary on Oct. 6, 2010. We have one daughter-Angelina (almost 40) and an 8 year old grandson named Michael Wyatt Maher. They live here in town so we see them as much as we like. We've had our own businesses since 1976 and we have worked side by side all these years. I would say this was by far the best reunion ever!"

Dave Treharne "Greetings:

Anyone else suffering a bit of post reunion melancholy?

What a time. So many "thank you's" need to be expressed to Jamie, the committee and our donors that it's truly impossible to do so. Having endured the frustrations that were faced, they performed well beyond any set of rational expectations. All too briefly, thanks!

And what a time of discovery it was. Imagine if everyone there could express their own personal history, what a story it would be. I discovered doctors and teachers. College professors and even an alum who hired the profs. It's a good thing she wasn't where I taught or I'm certain I wouldn't have got the job! There is a lobbyist for Micronesia, an emergency helo pilot as well as a "frequency" healer. There were tales from a handyman, a surveyor and a DC who cashed it in for an MBA and CPA.

And then there were spouses that included a mountain climber of the hills in Nepal and Denali; one who lectured on the way to the reunion on stem cell heart treatment (tax deductible trip I'm sure); and a trucker who traded recession for retirement.

Then there was the grad who we had not seen since 1968 when passing by each other on a bridge in Geneva. And remembering how disappointed the PHS family was when Hoss left. And discovering on the same page in the memorial booklet a college president who I worked for in a prior life along with a present day neighbor who I didn't realize was in our class.

What a shock now to find that we're at least 50 years of age. Perhaps that's the source of the melancholy. This, along with the notion that I wasn't able to even scratch the surface of the many stories there. What a book it would make. In the words of poet tin man A.T. Mohwish "The pen is mightier than the sword." Thanks guys for the opportunity."

Elizabeth Crigger McGriff "What an amazing job you did for this reunion. To connect with friends after 50 years meant a lot to me. It was just so wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. I would like to make a donation to the class to help out with expenses. Please let me know how I can do that if you have a way. Thanks again!"

Karen McCutcheon Groszczyk "Just wanted to "thank-you" personally for ALL that you've done to keep our class updated and informed. I was so happy when you said you'd take the notes from Mr. Board's meeting and translate them to us. He had a lot of statistics I tried to write down, but couldn't keep up with them.

Also, I'd like to know, out of our 746 graduates, how many attended the 2 night event? (just graduates) then how many in total attendance including spouses and extra people.

I haven't counted those who've died, but wondered if you had the number off the top of your brain!?

I really looked forward to this event, and was not one bit disappointed. Last year, I went to my 45th. college reunion, and they need some BIG time lessons on how to have a meaningful class reunion!!! When I left there, I'm not sure I'll even bother going to the 50th. (but that remains to be seen). I'd volunteer to help, but don't even know who to ask! (Sad).

I know you and the rest of the committee put in a lot of effort to make nice memories for the rest of us, and I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate all that you have done."

Norma Fickisen Stephens "I just want to thank Mary Sue, Sharon and everyone on the committees for a sensational job af making almost impossible tasks flow together seamlessly. Kudos on a wonderful Website!! A great big "Thank You" to the generous benefactors!! The Fenton piece is indeed marvelous! I hope to be around to see you in five years, and you all did such a great job this time, I think you should do the next one, too!! God Bless you all!"