Parkersburg High School - Class of 60

45th Reunion Information Updates

July 24, 2005 (email sent)

Hello everyone,

One last e-mail before the reunion on Friday and Saturday evening of this week. The work is pretty much finished, the directories are ready, and things are in great shape for you to come and enjoy two evenings of visiting and having a good time at our 45th Anniversary celebration.

For those of you who have ordered a directory, they will be mailed the week of August 1.

We have tried to make the registration process as easy as possible this year. We will have a check-off sheet instead of a sign-in sheet. The name tags and the directories are sorted by your name at the time of graduation and your directory has your name on the back cover to make it easy for those working the registration desk. If you are married to a classmate, you will still be filed by your last name at time of graduation.

There will also be a short survey form at the registration table for you to provide feedback to us and to give us your ideas for our 50th Reunion Celebration. The survey form will also be posted on our website in the next day or so and will remain up well after the reunion so feel free to send us feedback whenever you think of something that we can do better (but don't forget to tell us what we did right).

The whole Reunion Committee has worked hard to provide you two evenings of enjoyment. In addition, my thanks to Sharon Cline for working with me so patiently and willingly. She has given untold hours of her time to our website and we have had many conversations about how to make it even better for our 50th Reunion. We have spoken about posting our entire Parhischan on the website at some point in the future before the 50th.

It has been my privilege to be entrusted with keeping the data for our class and putting together a meaningful directory for you. It is as up to date as possible with an extra sheet included for late entries. We have tried to reach out and find everyone and hopefully the website is bringing more directory updates our way. We still have a way to go in order to have a current entry for each person.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and Saturday.
All the best.
Mary Sue Davis Helmick
PHS Class of 1960

July 20, 2005 (email sent)

Dear Class Member,

It's reunion time! The 45th Reunion for the Parkersburg High School Class of 1960 has been planned and we are looking forward to a wonderful time together. If you have not already sent in your reservation - it is not to late. Reservations are still being accepted. Please access the website for reservation information.

There is information on ordering a directory on the website also.

Our reunion will be professionally videotaped and order forms will be available both Friday and Saturday evenings. The order form for the DVD's or VHS tapes is included on our website.

We look forward to a great time on Friday and Saturday evenings, July 29th and 30th. See you there.

All the best.
Mary Sue Davis Helmick

July 6, 2005 (email sent)

Dear PHS Class of 1960 Member,

The 45th reunion of our graduating class is just a little over 3 weeks away and reservations are continuing to come in. If your plans will allow you to attend, please call or e-mail one of our committee members and let us know. Your reservation is still welcome.

Yesterday I gave the printer the database for our class members with the thought "oh my goodness, what if I made a mistake?" I handed him months of work knowing that I'd tried to do my best and hope you don't open the directory to find a typo. Please let me make an apology in advance - if you should see something that needs corrected, please let me know.

For late entries in the directories, I will create a separate sheet with that information and insert them inside of the book. If you didn't get your information to me prior to yesterday, please feel free to send it along and I will make a separate page for additional information listings.

For those of you who have ordered directories, they should be in the mail to you the first week of August.

You have a stellar reunion committee and together they have planned for two enjoyable events. We hope for perfect weather for our Friday evening picnic which is a time of meeting, greeting and eating a delicious catered picnic meal. Saturday evening will be a fun time to mix and mingle, to enjoy the good food at the country club and a great band.

Please visit our website often and give us feedback on the "chit chat" page. Also, we have posted comments we have received that are enjoyable to read.

The last reunion committee meeting prior to the reunion is July 18. We have a great time together and if you can join us the invitation is always open.

See you on July 29th. All the best.
Mary Sue Davis Helmick
PHS Class of 1960

June 19, 2005 - Your Comments

We have received comments with some of your Information Updates. We have posted them as "Your Comments" in the Guestbook under "Chit Chat" to share them with you.

** July 29 -- Comments are now posted here.

June 19, 2005 (email sent)

Hello Class Member,

Reservations are continuing to come in for our 45th Reunion on July 29th and 30th in Parkersburg, WV and we anticipate having a great crowd at our reunion. If you haven't sent your reservation in yet to Nancy Gilchrist Lowers, please do so as quickly as possible. Complete reservation information is available on our website:

Directory information will be accepted until July 4th and after that no additions or changes can be entered into the database. The directory information is scheduled to go to the printer on July 5th. I appreciate your help in forwarding to me your directory listing and am happy to report to you the directory is more up to date than ever before. Please access our website for sending your directory information.

We have a wonderful group of people from our Class of 1960 working to bring you a tremendous reunion. Once again, the highlight of our Saturday evening will be the auction of an original painting by our own Steve Jackson. We are so very appreciative of all that Steve has done for our class in donating a painting to be auctioned. His generosity has provided our class with start up reunion funds for years and once again, we will have the financial funding for planning our 50th reunion in 2010. Thank you Steve for sharing your talent with our class!!

Please access our website often as we continue to make updates for you. The list of attendees has been posted and will be updated weekly so you can see when your friends will be attending and can plan visits with them.

We have appreciated hearing from you and have posted comments we have received in the Guestbook. I think you will enjoy reading them on our website.

Very soon we will be posting a link on our website for your comments and suggestions concerning our 50th reunion. Please watch for this important addition to our site.

Our next reunion committee meeting will be held on June 27th at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at the VFW Post 1212, 1630 Garfield Avenue, Parkersburg. An open invitation is always extended for you to join us.

All the best.
Mary Sue Davis Helmick
Class of 1960

June 9, 2005 (email sent)

Our 45th reunion celebration is coming up soon on July 29 and 30. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Friday evening picnic and the Saturday dinner/dance at the Parkersburg Country Club. The complete details for both of these events are posted on our website in the invitation letter.

Our list of attendees for the reunion will be posted soon on our website and will be updated as we receive the reservation list.

I encourage you to update your directory information if you haven't already done so. The deadline for directory information is July 5 and no additions or changes can be made after that date.

I am deeply grateful to Sharon Cline for administering and hosting our website for the Class of 1960. She has done her very best to provide us with a website that is informative and professional and I send my thanks to her for her willingness to share her talent with our class.

Our last two reunion committee meetings will be Monday evening, June 27th and Monday evening, July 18th, 7:00 pm, at the VFW Post 1212, 1630 Garfield Avenue, Parkersburg. An open invitation is always extended for you to join us for a great time and to help with the planning of the reunion.

Please use the website often for your comments and feedback. We'd enjoy hearing from you and will be sending you updates between now and reunion time.

All the best.
Mary Sue Davis Helmick